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What is EZChat?

EZChat is a simple chat service that allows you to fully control your user's chat experience, while providing a simple and easy to use API. Key features include:

  • Frontend libraries for easy integration into web pages
  • Server libraries that allow you full control of rooms, messages, user, etc.

How do I use EZChat?

EZChat needs 3 things from you to be fully functional:

  1. A server to control user, rooms, etc.
  2. A frontend to display the chat
  3. An endpoint on your server that can send automatically created tokens to authenticated users

The general flow of EZChat looks like this:

sequenceDiagram User of your service ->> Your Server: Request Access Token Your Server ->> Your Server: Authenticate Request Your Server ->> EZChat: Request Auth Token EZChat -->> Your Server: Auth Token Your Server -->> User of your service: Auth Token User of your service ->> EZChat: Connect with Auth Token (via WebSocket) EZChat -->> User of your service: Connection Established (Joined Room)

Please note that EZChat is not a full authentication service, and you will need to provide your own authentication.

How do I get started?

Click on your choice of server or frontend framework to get started: